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Golf meets girth in this fun romp of a game!

Smash through walls and launch to victory as you collect the insidious and inflationary Will o' the Thiccs in 11 unique levels!

Features blueberry mode with customizable bursting, color, and sounds! Turn the colors off to change this mode into air inflation, including different sounds and bursting animation.

Just click and drag from your character and watch the blubber fly!

Using WASD, Arrow Keys or right click will allow you to pan the camera.
Space resets the camera.
R is a quick level restart button.
Zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.

Press escape or the button in the top right to access the menu

With over 400 unlockable player skins, and dozens of goals across two mode, there's plenty of fun to go a-round!

Made in 2 weeks for the Weight Gaming 2020 Gain Jam and further expanded into a full game!


Steam version: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1595510/Smasher_and_the_Will_o_the_Thiccs/

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsDestruction, fat, Furry, gainjam, growth, inflation, Singleplayer, weight_gain
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

SmasherSkinPack.zip 11 MB
SkinTemplate.zip 2 MB
SmasherItch1.1.7.zip 177 MB

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Is there a way to edit which part of a skin is layered over another on the JSON file? Because on my custom skin, the hands are supposed to go over the arms, but in-game, the arms eclipse the hands.

unfortunately not, sorry. Best to just make the upper arms a bit shorter or include some of the mitt on the upper arm layer

Is there actually a Mac version? I keep trying to run the game through the Itch desktop app but it just keeps sending me to this page, and the only download for the game is .exe, which I can't run (and Wine refuses to play friendly).

There used to be, but it hasn't be maintained, sorry to say.

i have the steam version and there are a lot of missing skins. is this a installation problem or were they removed?

Any skins based on copyrighted properties had to be removed on Steam. Many of them have opted to upload them as skin mods on the workshop, though

I'm in the game! Though you have to guess how your able to get me

Heyo! Just got the game, and was wondering if development is still continuing, and stuff!


I still plan on doing more, but development has basically been halted until I finish school in March, it's been too much to do all at once.


Ah, I see, I apologize, just wanted to see what was happening, also, loved the game!! Very short, and sweet so far! Ik it's in early access so I'd say that was my 5$ well spent! ^^

how do you become a betatester to get your character officially in the game?

Got the game on Steam. Works great and is quite fun as usual. Can't wait to see what comes next in game!

Accidentally uninstalled instead of reinstalled... can't get the game now.

hi man im a fan of this game i bought it on steam but i cant leave suggestions on it if you reply please tell me if any of these are good ideas

1:a bear template

2:a rabbit template

3:a chicken template

4.for the editor why not make it where you can place down as many npcs like if you have 2 you can edit 2 ya know what i mea

Is there currently any new content in the payed version as apposed to the free downloadable demo?

The steam version is a bit farther along than the Itch one (you get a steam code for buying on itch), there's a level editor, mod skins, workshop support, and you can swap out NPCs with those of your choice. There's some polishing in the paid version as well.

Sounds good! I'm sold on it

Might be an unnecessary question, is the level editor update going to be releasing on Itch?


It will be, I just need to take the time to remove some things (the workshop stuff) and make a build

Awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it!

The MC can burst?

They can, yes. But it can be disabled.

can you make this web game?

Unfortunately no, it uses far too much RAM, storage space, and requires a GPU, so it cannot run in a browser

oh ok

thank you for tell me

When I make my own skins they end up having this weird white 1 pixel outline around their body parts.  This doesn't happen to the skins that are already in the game though..Am I doing something wrong when I export it as a transparent png?

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Okay, I guess this was an issue with CSP.  I exported it on FireAlpaca and it came out just fine.


how do I download the old version?


i never did get a reply

Strange Question: I downloaded the game before it was finished and launched to steam. Does it still stay in the files, or do I have to pay for it? Because I am planning on buying it on Steam. (If it is listed on Steam.)

You can still play the old version you have downloaded, but for any updates, you'll need to buy it

Alright! I can't wait to get my hands on it again and see the game grow. 

a game so nice i bought it twice.

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I love this game when I found it in it's beta stage, I played all the levels and beat the boss on both modes!


Since this is a weight gain/inflation game can you add a sandbox mode so we can control our size? I saw I guy on steam ask the same question and I thought I should spread the word. It would be very cool to play the levels, but with either being a small size or inflating myself to a huge, almost the size of the room or bigger! Like playing the mall level and shrinking myself to go back to the beginning, then increasing my size to a jumbo size, so I'm touching the walls with my gut and smashing everything in my path.

Also I'm going to buy the paid version on steam soon!

Edit: Forgot to ask, when will you be making the mobile version? I'm sure you're very busy, but I like to ask a lot of questions.

Just curious, are there any missing skins between the Itch.io  and Steam version? 

Just the ones in the skin pack, and I think one singular one, and you can install the skin pack on the steam version too via mod

Stupid question but will ask anyway is there any way to get skin template stuff as i already bought the game on steam or would i need to buy it again here for extra bits? included image to show i got the game ^^ working on that last achievement of Sumo master thank you, oh also forgot could i ask what game engine you used to make this awesome game =D

It's actually included with the game files! If you go to the properties (on the right) and then go to game files, it'll take you right there! It's in the Data folder

Deleted 1 year ago

did you change the name in the .JSON file you have to change the ''sheet name'' in the file and don't put .png with it or it wont work 

I got it while it was still free, does that mean I can get the updated version?

Unfortunately no, I've moved to a paid model, though if you do get it now, you'll get updates forever

Will new levels be made?

Yep! I'm planning on at least 7 more, and then I also want to implement a level editor as well

I'm excited to revisit this game to experience the updated changes!

Good thing I still have the old version :p (I'm completely broke)


So where can I download the game

Deleted 1 year ago

the what?

will there be more stuff at some point?


Yep! Working on it now, actually

Does the Beta version still work? I still have the beta downloaded and I thought I'd ask so I won't risk damaging my computer.

It does, though more improvements and bugfixes have been applied that make downloading the new version worth it.

Thank you for answering. Sorry that I haven't responded back to, learning Blender and VRoid took up my time.

Also, will there be a sandbox added to the game?

what new skins have you added

About 200 publicly available ones. It's hard to post who they all are!

I downloaded the Windows version.
The game opens to the intro screen, but then freezes and crashes when I try to start a new game.

Deleted 1 year ago

1) Have you downloaded any of the updated versions, or are you still on the 0.999 Beta
2) Yes! More news will come on this later

I'm sorry, but how can I get this game for Android?

At the moment, there is no android version. There is one planned for the future, but requires significant optimization on my end.

...not rushing... but any guess on what future may entail? Or when?

Unfortunately, I cannot run it at all on Mac. I keep getting that it’s damaged and should be moved to trash. ;w;

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it won't install why?


would there be a sandbox mode to grow even bigger like mega or giga size?

hey so had a quick question - I notice the "fail condition" for blueberry mode is essentially running out of score... might there be a way to... increase that score? perhaps in future versions if not currently? hehe I really enjoy getting the character stuck somewhere and letting them swell but I find that generally the score hits 0 before they fully occupy the space lol many thanks and great work! was an incredibly engaging game :) 


Ô, dev the almighty, give us the holy knowledge we crave so dearly, knowledge that is how to increase the score in the blueberry mode


The reason it's limited is because it causes instabilities. The larger you get, the larger the forces are, and with the walls, it gets.... laggy. Too big and it crashes not only the game but your computer. I chose the max size per-level based on how large you could get without this happening.

I also made the last level the way it is for a reason, for all you size demons who want to just fill up the entire screen.

In terms of altering these values after the fact, there's probably a way to do it, but would require hex editing or Melon Loader, both of which I have 0 experience with

or, since we can smash walls, I suggest we just put "tier 1" walls everywhere so we can smash everything even if we're "just started the level" small, and for the melon loader, I'll try to learn a bit about it and see if I can change the points number 

just took a look at melon loader as well, be sure to check out the "universal mods" section of the wiki for it! those tools look like they might be useful. for example "Explorer" by "Sinai" sounds like it could come in handy. best wishes homie lol 

haha i gotcha, when i was messing around with the size demony stuff on the last level i managed to get the player character stuck in some buildings and saw that instability firsthand. never had a crash though just lots of slowdown. props for including that level anyhow lol. also big thanks for the response :) will check those things out. thanks again!! 

I really wanted to have a mobile version

It's coming, I promise, I've just been ridiculously busy with school of late, and the mobile version requires a lot more work than just selecting a drop down, cause it requires a lot of optimizations. But it will be the first thing I work on when I finish up school in a few weeks


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i wonder if there is any way to disable the popping in the blueberry mode, like i want the character to just expand forever

EDIT : also, if you go in a "walled off area" in the Lab level and you wait for your character to just expand and break the walls, it will lag the game and then crash it 


i know there's a way to disable popping when you reach the max size, but i do agree there should be a fun mode where you can just let your character endlessly expand, like a sorta sandbox mode

and do you know how to disable popping ? or do i have to look it up elsewhere ?

i think i know how to do it, maybe if we go on the level files, we can change the starting points number and set it to like 1 000 000 000 (One billion), since we only pop when the number reaches 0 (zero)

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oh shit i just posted a comment asking this very thing. i think it would indeed work but is this possible to do on our end currently? not sure how to open those level files 


I tried opening the level file with Unity hub, since the game was made on unity, but it didn't open the code of the level, we have to try something else 

Well I do have to say, this game is pretty fun. However, some of the goals are very hard to accomplish, like getting both the pars and wisps in the bakery. Plus, it is missing a very big chunk that real golf has

Still utterly in love with this game! Only a few challenges left to beat.

I remember playing an earlier build and leaving the final lab sequence running as long as it went.. How much do I have to pay to get a cheat mode which disables Blueberry mode ending at score 0? ;)

If you've run out of challenges, I have some ideas, like try to absorb the least amount of thicc in blueberry mode, save the last character with the biggest possible size (still in blueberry mode), "walk" as slowly as you can, etc...

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