1.07 (Skin and 1.06 Hotfix)

Hey! Sorry for the two updates right in a row, and also lack of communication.

I have recently just been notifying people who got YCH skins about the new updates.

Since the last devlog, for 1.02, I've added about 270 skins (Wow!), continuous belching option for blueberry mode, tail growth, and just some general more polish and performance improvements where I could squeeze them out.

The hot fix between 1.06 fixes a big, yet simple issue. Basically, the frame rate wasn't capped, so on high end computers, it would try to run at 1500 fps and crash people's computers. This has been fixed, and all just by one line of code! 


Smasher1.07.zip 159 MB
Jul 23, 2021

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hi, had you thought about making a sandbox to grow everything you want?
I think it would be great!

i love the game

hello, will there be update for mac eventually?

There will be, once the issues with the PC version are ironed out