A downloadable game

Fast Food this is not! 

A team of one, you must handle the customers, as well as your appetite! Grow bigger as you eat, and make sure the orders are right, the owner likes them big!

WASD to move
Move to grab
E/L Ctrl to enter close ups
Shift Runs
Backspace to exit close ups
Esc exits game

Features 2 endings based on amount sold!

Made for the Weight Gaming Fat Fortnight

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Tags2D, fat, fatfortnight, Furry, growth, inflation, Singleplayer, weight-gain


FatsFoodQuickFix.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Download and run FatsFood.exe


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Could you add a reset button and menu button  please, Creature Unknow

I'm sorry to inform you, but it's fairly unlikely that this or any other change will be added, as CreatureUnknown has passed away.

O sorry, rest in peace Creature Unknow perfect creator.

I can't grab the burgers


please add a vesrsin for android

unfortunately, it's not going to be possible 

hair less do for wep for pc because I have a roof that can be connected to my selular 


i cant open it..


I can't figure out how to grab a burger.

me either

Why does the screen get smaller? It's unplayable now, and I can't get it bigger any more.

I liked what I played, though it was difficult for me to get the screen to fit on my computer.


i really wish you can play this in browser, if you have time can you please make that happpen

cute game, but preety hard

wish his belly jiggled when you walk
always my favorite part of weight gain and yet its mostly left out


Good game, though the option of choosing your gender would be nice


funnily enough, its actually better to let yourself starve for the sake of business.

nvm got it

Mind sharing with the rest of the class?


it's been a year. i barely remember how this game works.

well i found out i was opening the freezer the wrong way, but now i don't know how to tell if i'm doing the order right, am i supposed to ring them up or is it really precise?

what are you supposed to do to give them the burger


why can't i grab the patties?

this look intz, sound fun but couldnt get it work so is there be browser version or mac version?


It's really not that good. There is not a browser or mac version, sorry!

that is alright, thx for reply :D


can you make this work on chrome


i dont get how to  play it help

aw man, would like on linux


Would you be able to make a working downloadable mac version


Would be nice to see it get an option to choose which gender you wanna see pack on the pounds