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so what’s the good ending then?


you should make an apple version.


you should do it yourself then. 


you should make a mobile version

I cant seem to change the settings. it wont let me adjust the graphics or resolution. it just highlights itself and the dropdown wont work. Am i doing something wrong? 

Probably not. It's very buggy.


do you plan to make updates on this game? I don't who exactly won the jam, I tried to research and I guess this game was the winner :0! sooooo do you plan to make an update to this game?


I hope he update it, it's a really good game ngl


This is genuinely a very nice game, and has a lot of potential for if you decide to continue working on it in the future. Very endearing, kobolds cute.


is there a female version / skin?




That's good to know, since I'm not into male stuff but really enjoy the game


when's the next update coming, if i may ask?


not sure. I've been busy with other projects



is there a way to play this game and besides the way i'm supposed to get it ready isn't really working if there is another way please tell m

do the skins allow you to carry more gold?

they do not, they are just cosmetic

I don't even think there was ever a limit to begin with 


Congrats on getting the highest GainJam Finalist Rating!!!

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the game is amazing

Awesome work as always Creature


How do you get new game +??


is there bursting, etc in this game? the smol upgrade implies there's a max capacity, but I can never seem to reach it. plus, there's a folder in the game called burstdebuginfo.


There is not. And the max capacity is just that you do fill up faster, ie takes less gold to slow you down and you make more noise from it. The folder name is purely coincidence

And how is it Updated?


The game is not, and cannot be updated until the Judging period for the Gain Jam concludes. I did however post a 'devlog' asking what people wanted to see added to the game, which Itch counted as an update to the game

It's fun, good gurgles.
There's an exploit where jumping and moving only while in the air stops suspicion from rising, and the smolbold perk seems to work a bit counterproductively

Still absolutely love how cutesy the game is


i hope you add more to this game. it's honestly really fun and i think you could make something really good out of this.


really good! But the stairs loading and unloading villagers breaks them and soft locks those stairs and sometimes the pop up doesn't appear when chased (i think its because of the zoom out)


To much to ask for at this time, but would be fun to have more stages, dragon/hoard sizes, upgrades, and cutscenes.  Could be interesting even to branch out and add other game modes after reaching certain milestones, such as since the dragon grows so could the kobolds too (with or without dragon assistance) if say instead of sneaking around to grab money, you beat it out of them ^^; "fear the "tax" / tribute collector! (Simple magic can be utilized to transform them for desired task player chooses).  This is just for ideas in general if you wish to expand (pardon the pun) upon the game.

That aside there are still some bugs in the game, mostly dealing with ? and ! not appearing over some characters and they suddenly go after you, characters having trouble resetting to their initial position after moving/chasing, and worst is getting stuck in and blocking doorway because of belly and door collision.

Last question which may be bit spoiler, but what is the gold needed for max dragon/hoard size?

then ive found all the cutscenes then well the game was enjoyable

is there an actual end for the game?

unfortunately no, I was a bit strapped for time

dang. was a pretty fun time, though.

Hey, I can't download the game using the desktop app because you haven't tagged the current build as "compatible with Windows"

Fixed! Thanks for letting me know!

Though I was never able to figure out how to fulfill the wild cards, or obtain the 4 good score cutscenes, despite my Dragon at a girthy 10,000 gold hoard, this game was really neat to play!

There are hiccups, like in the beginning cutscene when it's seen for the second time, with it automatically skipping everything to load me into the first level, while keeping the cutscene dialogue bubble up on the screen, I pushed through and had a relatively smooth, though cutscene and wild card-less experience.

Pretty good!


The wild cards are only there because they have to be present in the game to get points for it in the Gain Jam judging, as far as I understand it. As for the cutscenes, 2 of them are for the good score, 1 is the 'bad end' in the castle, and one is just the intro. 

Glad you enjoyed it, apologies for the hiccups, this one sort of ended up as a mad dash to get it playable by the finish line, haha

can someone tell me how i can get the other ending i cant seem to find out how not the throne room one the other one

I really wanna find the other ending

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Yoooo another banger of a game by you, hella kudos 👌👌
And from the gameplay and seeing the details throughout my plays I can totally feel all the love you put into this one, and the textures in the level design are really good, as well as the controls being smooth & fluent. I especially love it mainly from the bias of enjoying my stealth games, so with the inclusion of these fun kobold antics; its a lovely playthrough

Do you think you'd chuck this onto Steam after, if there is going to be of course, more dev work put into this? (eg. more levels)
Thank you for the experience!

Edit: Oh yeah, one feature which might help in play could be something to draw NPCs away from a door? per say making a lil kobold  "yip" button or maybe throwing a coin?

I also found a lil bug in the first town

the back door of the house in the far back seems to continuously creak despite it not being touched any longer

just reporting here 🙋

turn out all I needed was a major update

game's real nice!

keep it up bud


Impressive game that just released 22 hours ago (as of this post). Few bugs here and there. I could definitely see this getting a lot of traction on something like Kickstarter. Definitely gonna need more content (dragon trampoline), but I'll be looking forward to see how the game develops!

Rating: 8/10

Few bugs to note:
>NPC's sometimes would spaz out and rotate in a constant circle indefinitely
>NPC's that were sitting down original could not get back into their seats
>Side door in northern house in the farmlands created audio bug as well as visual
>NPC's would sometimes camp out in front of wardrobes making it impossible to get out without being caught
>Top step of the transition floor between 2/3 in the castle had to be jumped over (don't think that's intentional)
>At bigger sizes, the doors would freak out and you'd get stuck and restuck again
>Some walls, namely in the castle, would create visual obstructions


If you intend to develop this game more, might wanna give team "Melonsoda Soft" a poke. This kinda feels right down their ally.


wish I could somehow get these damn games to work


it's definitely not your fault, my computer is just dumb and doesn't want to work for me ඞ

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This is an extremely high-quality game, even better than Smasher in my opinion. I especially liked the alt ending to the Castle stage where the (I'm assuming) Captain of the Guard feeds you. I did have a handful of suggestions/requests, though, for after the Jam:

1. What if the pile of gold in the throne room let you take an infinite amount of gold from it? The tradeoff being that the weight penalties become uncapped, letting skilled players take home more gold, but eventually soft-capping the gold you can get due to how slow and loud you become. The Captain could also be a unique Guard that stays in the Throne Room, and you'd get the alt-ending by being "caught" by him (perhaps at a threshold weight, or different interactions depending on your weight?).

2. Could there be a means of re-watching the cutscenes? I missed some of the dialogue on two of them.

3. Some objects, especially on the Castle, do not fade away with the walls, causing some minor camera obstructions.

4. Can the second floor of the Inn be a little more obvious? It took me a few times to realize it existed.

5. Currently, SmolBold is a little OP, but could the balancing factor be the weight movement penalty is harsher, rather than it being the fact that you get stuck in doors sooner? It's a little confusing seeing a tiny creature the same size as the vent not being able to at least wiggle through it.

6. What if there were food items scattered around, letting you eat them to reduce the noise penalty, but increase your movement penalty?

7. Maybe a blueberry gamemode, where you look for an antidote hidden in the stage?

8. More stages? In the four straight hours I played the game, I've already memorized the layout of each map, as well as have a strategy for each one.

9. The bellies for all the models seem to be anchored close to the center of the body, which looks nice at smaller sizes, but starts to look a little odd as bellies get bigger.

Again, I love the game, and really think it could become your next Smasher, if you and the rest of the team wanted it to be.


Alt. Ending?  There are two endings?  I know the ending you speak of but I didn't know there was another.


i notice the new game + admin card, does that do anything or?


It;s because this is made for a game jam, which has three categories.